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"Exceptional coffee! I’m now driving 20min out of my way to get a latte from Galerie Cafe. Worth it!"

5 stars.png

- Gisele Karame-Kemp

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"Great coffee spot! They get it right every time and have a lovely selection of shakes, sweets & bites if I’m hungry. Highly recommended."

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- Martin Reader

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"Really amazing cafe in St Leonards! Nice place that serves amazing coffee, the best coffee in St Leonards. Thank you so much and see you soon!"

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- CharFrasca


"A great place for coffee and delicious food!! Very friendly staff. Always love coming back here!"

5 stars.png

- Aditi Kc

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"Absolutely love this place. Just round the corner so I go nearly every day for great coffee and friendly service (I never need to say my order, they just know). Really enjoy the brekkie wrap too!"

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"I got one of the best coffee experience from this cafe and the food is really fresh & delicious. Great service with beautiful dining area."

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"I LOVE this restaurant, great food and lovely service."

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"This cafe has awesome

delicious food!"

5 stars.png

- Yip Leung

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