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Hi there,

We’re the owners of Galerie Cafe, Jay & Alex and this is our journey...

But let us give you some background information first. Jay is originally from Czech Republic and has been working in hospitality his whole life, but he always dreamt of having his own business where he can be creative and be his own boss. His wife Alex is from Germany and always worked in marketing/sales as she loves playing with pretty pictures and be creative.


We came to Australia in 2014 with the intention to stay for a couple of years... and here we are - 8 years later. We simply love the Australian way of life, pretty cafes, beautiful beaches and have travelled the country a lot before settling down near Sydney. We now have two gorgeous boys and... since November 2019, we're proud business owners.

When an opportunity presented itself at the end of 2019 we decided to go all-in. We bought our first own business and so the journey with Galerie Cafe in Sydney, St. Leonards began. And what a wild ride it has been. Managing the cafe just one week after our second son was born was definitely a challenge. A few month in Covid-19 hit and we honestly thought it’s all over before it even really began... but we didn’t give up and we found ways to keep the business going. It wasn’t easy and it still isn’t... but we’re getting there. And hopefully with all your support we will still be here for the years to come. So thank you to all our customers for not giving up on us and for supporting us through these tough times. It means a lot and we can't do it without you.

Who knows what the future will bring, but we promise to keep serving you beautifully made coffee and delicious tasty food for as long as we possibly can.

See you soon for a coffee and a chat :)


Love from us, Jay & Alex

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